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The Faculty of Informatics (FoI) has four (4) fundamental research groups, namely: the Cyber-Security group (CSG), the Business Computing & Information Systems (BCIS), the Software Development group (SDG), and the Networking & Systems Administration (NSA).  Our goal is to underscore the importance of high-quality research-led teaching and to offer our students cutting-edge technological education and employability skills.

Our research addresses strategic socio-technical aspects of Information Technology (IT), Computer Science and Humanities, which are inherent in Information Systems.  We collaborate with our colleagues in the Faculties of Engineering and IT Business to provide state-of-the-art techno-economic solutions.  Through research, we also partner with the Office of Research Services & Innovation (ORSI), at GTUC and industry players to offer development and consultancy services, as well as professional training.

Each groups meets regularly to discuss research progress and findings, and at the faculty level we hold monthly seminars to disseminate our discoveries and to celebrate our peer-reviewed publications.